About MEG

Every other Thursday morning, at 7am, the members of Manchester Enterprise Group meet at Colony, Piccadilly Place, Manchester.

This is a friendly, creating networking space, where a diverse mixture of business professionals and high calibre guests can gather.

Bookended by open networking, and a great breakfast, MEG meetups include a lively roundtable discussion around a business theme or issue and catch-ups from all the members present.

MEG is about supporting success, helping business people come together.

It’s your unofficial boardroom.

MEG Origins

Early in 2017, William Seabrook and fellow networkers Calvin Husbands, Phil Greenwood, Christopher Ball and Robin Raymond decided to launch a business networking group with a difference.

The idea was to take the parts they knew worked from their varied experiences of different networking groups.

This helped shape the MEG agenda.

MEG has three defining values:

  • Cultivate – creating fertile ground for growth by bringing something truly tangible to business networking; providing a platform and a resource where members, and guests, can exchange ideas and offer support to one another.
  • Communicate – giving everyone a voice, with as much value put on listening as talking; encouraging members, speakers and guests to share their thoughts and inspiration.
  • Collaborate – exploring ways of working together, where members’ expertise, knowledge and interests intersect, overlap and create fresh business opportunities.

MEG works because everyone who attends wants to be there, benefitting from the company and building a sense of trust through regular meetups.

The atmosphere is pressure-free, because some of the very best ideas are born out of comfortable environments.

MEG makes you feel welcome the moment you walk through the door.

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