Chapter 1: Chris, Damian and Mercedes-Benz Media

Posted on Thursday, August 30th, 2018

MEG members regularly discuss their achievements at meetings, and we’ve decided to start sharing these Success Stories with the world.

In our first chapter, we look back at the collaboration between Damian Cox, Director of video agency Into Productions, and photographer Christopher Ball. They paired up to form their very own MEG media tag team in a project for automotive giant Mercedes-Benz.

What happened?

Chris got to know Damian through MEG, and over the course of the weekly meetings learned more about the video services Into Productions could provide.

Having spent years working for an ad agency who commissioned him for Mercedes-Benz photoshoots, Chris knew exactly who to talk to when this company said they needed video footage.

“Chris asked me about the job, and I told him we had the capacity to do it,” explained Damian. “He put me in touch with the main contact at the agency, and it became clear quite quickly that we could work well together.

“We had a long conversation about films, and in September 2017 we were given the opportunity to shoot a promotional video for Mercedes whilst Chris did the photoshoot.”

Why was this a success?

Not only was the initial shoot a success, but it actually snowballed into a string of subsequent projects for Into Productions.

After I recommended Damian for the project and he got to meet the client, everything went really well,” Chris explained. “He did a fantastic job and created a great first impression. He’s been on a number of assignments since as a result.”

“We’re still working with the agency today,” echoed Damian. “We’ve become one of their go-to companies for storytelling, and we’ve built a long-standing relationship.

“We were asked to cover their pop-up shop in the Trafford Centre (also alongside Chris), and the fact they keep on coming back to us shows they’re happy with what we’ve done for them.”

What were the results and lessons learned?

Whilst Damian enjoyed a flurry of work coming his way after this project, Chris says he also benefitted after recommending Into Productions.

“I’ve built a really good working relationship with Damian,” said Chris. “He’s someone I know I can trust to deliver excellent results, and after seeing what his company could do in practice, I’ve recommended him to other companies.”

Damian is under no illusions as to the value of MEG’s role in this achievement.

“By coming to MEG and meeting Chris, we were given a wonderful chance to work with Mercedes-Benz,” said the director.

“Mercedes-Benz actually used one of our films as their main social media tweet for several weeks, which got thousands of views. They’ve been a super client for us ever since that first job.”

Looking forwards…

The success of the Mercedes-Benz project has led to even more work for Chris and Damian. They have both started shooting another project this month for Fox Group, and have invited more MEG members to get involved.

Phil Greenwood’s BTMR has officially signed on as Fox Group’s company accountant, and William Seabrook’s Seabrook Associates has also agreed a working retainer with the organisation.

It’s great to see Chris and Damian’s respective businesses thriving as a result of their collaboration, and we’re proud to have a media dream team right here at MEG.

Stay tuned for next month’s MEG Success Story. In the meantime, be sure to check out Chris and Damian’s respective websites below.

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