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William Seabrook is the founder of creative digital agency Seabrook and chairman of Manchester Enterprise Group.

William helped launch the networking group in the spring of 2017, hungry to create an environment where likeminded business owners could come together to commit, cultivate and collaborate. As a dad of two young, mischievous children, William’s additional interests now include: waking up early, tidying and peace-keeping.

About Seabrook

Seabrook began as a product of its time in 2006, coinciding with the emergence of web-as-a-service. The business has grown and diversified into a creative digital firm over the subsequent decade, providing architects with a blend of brand, web & digital marketing services.

Seabrook pride themselves on their empathetic approach, drawing on their creative passion to understand the needs and wants of both the client and their respective marketplace.

Creativity is everything to me. Helping clients to understand who they are, and then interpret that into a brand is a privilege.


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