The Power of Groups

Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Welcome to the Manchester Enterprise Group newsletter, brought to you by our copywriting agency, Making You Content.

The summer is a typically quiet period for many businesses, but there’s still plenty going on at MEG right now.

Over the course of the last two weeks, we took the time to reflect on one another’s achievements and news, along with the challenges members have faced along the way.

In our latest double-issue newsletter, we cast our minds back over the previous fortnight and pick out all the highlights.

The Theme: The Power of Groups and What Makes You, You

Back in his usual seat following a few weeks of travelling, Stuart Holliday arrived equipped with a Thought of the Day for each session.

In our last July meeting, he examined the Power of Groups in a quantitative and qualitative sense – turning to MEG as a pertinent example.

Over the past year, our group has been getting stronger and working closer together, and this has led us to realise five crucial points:

1) None of us are alone in what we do
2) We always have a place to come to give and receive support
3) We have an audience to express our own voice and thoughts
4) We have a place to practise relating to others and explore ideas
5) We all have a safety net, encouraging us to take risks

Being part of a close group poses many benefits, but it’s also important to take care of yourself too.

Stu spoke at length about the importance of looking after both your physical and mental health, using the words of author Alan Jasanoff to illustrate his idea.

According to Jasanoff, the brain should not be treated as a separate entity. By keeping the mind and body connected, we start to see our whole selves and gain a biologically improved view of who we are and what we want out of life, all the while improving our attitudes towards others.

Looking after your mind is crucial. After all, this is the organ that makes you, you.

The Reflection

In the absence of a presentation speaker, our members seized the opportunity to talk to one another about developments within our businesses.

One particularly big piece of news is the official launch of architecture brand ambassador firm Partisan – headed by Daniel Falinski and William Seabrook. The Partisan website is live and the company is engaging with clients. Over the next few weeks they will be actively looking for an account manager, copywriter and marketer, and salesperson. In each case, Partisan want people who are passionate about architecture and have a desire to learn more.

Kelly Gilmour-Grassam from Making You Content spoke about her copywriting agency’s new hire who will be responsible for distributing content in a far-reaching way, whilst Jacob O’Brien and Steve Neil reflected on the value of client care and how putting in the time with people can pay huge dividends in the long run.

Following both meetings, we agreed to make Visitors’ Day a monthly event starting from September. Stay tuned for details.

Thanks for reading! We’ll see you at our next get-together on 9th August. In the meantime, be sure to take a look over our events section to see what’s coming up.

The Events

We like to share details of local events that might involve, or be useful to, our networking group. In this section, you can discover more about the best business meetings in Manchester and find out where our members are in action outside MEG.

Manchester Cares Great Run

Sunday 14th October 2018
Chester Road, Manchester

As part of their mission to tackle loneliness and isolation across the city, Manchester Cares are entering a team to run the Manchester Half Marathonon Sunday, 14thOctober 2018. The charity is actively looking for brave volunteers to complete the 13.1 mile track and raise money for a great cause in the process. There’s no registration fee to enter, and the minimum fundraising target is just £250.

Get in touch with Alex Khanyaghma on for more details.

Joining MEG

It’s currently free to join MEG; once 25 members are signed up, a joining fee of £195 will apply. It costs £55 per month to remain a member, which entitles you to:

  • Weekly breakfast meetings at Cloud 23
  • Opportunities to engage with a diverse mix of fast-growing businesses
  • Fantastic views of Manchester city
  • Continental breakfast
  • Bacon, sausage, and egg rolls
  • Unlimited tea, coffee, juice, and water

Our Values Are:

  • Commit
  • Collaborate
  • Cultivate

Our Purpose Is:

To create a tight-knit network of likeminded businesspeople that consistently creates new opportunities for everyone.



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